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Welcome To The Dream

Handmade Mattresses from Brooklyn, New York


A Handmade, High- Tech Mattress Experience

The dream of a mattress without compromises, the dream of a mattress without exceptions, the dream of the dream mattress. Find out more

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What’s It All About?

The Aleph Difference

The Aleph isn’t just another mattress. The Aleph is a handmade sleep experience. Each mattress is crafted from six different memory foams including our breakthrough soft-bounce foam with memory technology, a new sense-activated sleep tech that remembers your sleep patterns and helps you learn more about the quality of your sleep via our sleep story tech in upcoming Aleph app. Learn more at our About page.  


Best Friends

Podcast Partners

We love sponsoring our favorite podcasts! We’re so proud to partner with Slate’s “Decoder Ring” podcast, and “Slate’s Cultural Gabfest” podcast!



Decoder Ring is a documentary show about friendship, fun, and aspirational product recommendations. Listen to our ad on the October 29th, 2018 episode of the show. Subscribe here.


Slate’s Cultural Gabfest

Slate’s Cultural Gabfest is a weekly roundtable show about birds, upstate “locavore” cuisine, and ontological problems in contemporary philosophy. Check out our native advertising on the October 17th, 2018 episode of the show. Subscribe here.


Home Base

The Aleph Atelier


We’re proud to call beautiful Brooklyn, New York our home. Our main atelier is located on the Gowanus Canal, but our operations are also fulfilled all over the city, in famous New York neighborhoods like Fishhook, Bathgate, and Pigtown, where our various foams are constructed, installed, and soaked in our special LCL fluid for over 30 days. We’re proud to offer a local experience, delivered directly to you.


At Aleph, our ears are always open: Email with questions or comments. Check out #TheAleph on Twitter to talk about the brand.

Dreams are the leftover stuff of creation, a looking glass into the wants of men not yet achieved.
— Clayton Draum, Founder: Aleph Mattresses