It all started when founder Clayton Draum quit his job at a defense contractor and undertook an artist residency on a Danish fishing vessel. The cots the ship provided were very uncomfortable, so he used his background in advanced engineering to fashion the very first Aleph Mattresses from the marine foam used to insulate the hull, mixed with a secret ingredient—love, and also a neurogenic LCL fluid developed from discarded tuna innards. The fishermen were so impressed with their new beds that they quit fishing and became the very first Aleph employees, and many are still working in the Aleph Atelier to this day.

Our Founder: Clayton Draum
The first Aleph Atelier

The first Aleph Atelier

The Foam

The secret of The Aleph is our custom foam blend. Six foams come together for the perfect sleep experience. Our special soft-bounce foam is the key. Soaked in our neurogenic LCL fluid, this special foam is capable of absorbing and even broadcasting brain wave transmissions. We call these transmissions “brain stories”. Via the upcoming Aleph App you’ll be able to recall your own brain stories (dreams, lost memories, etc.) and even check out the brain stories of your friends. Soon partners will be able to broadcast their own brain stories into our clients sleep state using a platform we’re calling “The Big Sleep”.

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The Big Sleep

Imagine an ad marketplace capable of reaching clients subconsciously. It sounds too good to be true, but with The Big Sleep, it’s not only possible, it’s profitable! We’re already partnering with major brands and governments on a pilot program to bring our clients exciting offers and moral suggestions while they sleep. The Big Sleep API is still in development but join us at at our inaugural Aleph Conferance this year in Palm Springs for a first-sleep look at our exciting platform and the roadmap to overcoming our major blockers concerning ironic processing interference. Learn more at our developer portal.


At Aleph, we believe inspiration is as easy as getting a good night’s sleep.